3rd February – Laguna and Aparados da Serra

In Laguna, we made straight for the historical Old Town and its landmark statue of Anita Garibaldi. Here we took the time to walk around the local museum and find out more about the Farroupilha Revolution and the involvement of her husband Giuseppe Garibaldi (the famous Italian Revolutionary). We finished the day down at the Praia dos Botos beach, watching the fisherman trying to catch the fish that the dolphins were steering nearer to the shore. Despite the presence of many dolphins and a lot of net throwing, more crabs were caught that fish, but everyone seemed to be having fun.

Following day, moving on south we passed briefly through the seaside town of Morro dos Conventos, before turning inland towards Praia Grande and the base of the Itaimbézinho Canyon. Before climbing up we investigated the Índios Coroados Canyon and passed in front of the Pedra Branca. On the way we also found the Casa Nossa, a charming restaurant serving lovely homemade food. What could we do? The service was great, the meal delicious and two very full and contented travelers left an hour later.

At the top of the mountain we arrived at the Aparados da Serra National Park and early next morning we set about exploring Itaimbézinho. We managed two trails around the rim, with fantastic views of the canyon and waterfalls below, before setting off on another rough dirt road to the equally impressive Fortaleza Canyon.

The temperature was in the low 40’s and the breeze at the top of the hike was more than welcome. Sitting, looking down at the immense drops below, we both took time out to chill and dream a little. To finish off a fantastic time up in the Serra, we walked across the top of the Tigre Preto Falls to the Pedra do Segredo.

This region is seriously beautiful and we will definitely have to come back again one day.

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